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Our Mission

Affordamac was founded by Apple® enthusiasts who wanted to give people an easy way to enjoy all the awesomeness of Apple products on a budget. We also wanted one simple place where you could take care of all your Apple “business” — selling your old Mac desktop computer, MacBook computer, iPhone®, iPad®, Apple TV® or other goodies, tricking out your system with custom parts or hardware, upgrading, recycling etc. The kicker is that you get plenty of help and support along the way. As fellow Apple® lovers we promise:

Quality, tested Apple® products only!

If it’s in our store, it’s guaranteed good to go. We test, re-test, and test again, and back up every computer and Apple product with our Affordamac 90-day Warranty.

The best prices around for Apple resellers.

We’re determined to live up to our name by helping everyone afford a Mac. We have the lowest price tags in the web-o-sphere and free shipping. If you’re buying in bulk for a school or organization, be sure to contact us about bulk discounts.

A fair shake.

With used goods, you get more Mac for your money. Our mission is to be your Apple marketplace, so you can bet we’re going to give you a solid offer when you’re ready to sell. Since we’re not a giant conglomo-corp, we only make a limited number of offers per day, but the ones we make are awesome! See for yourself — use InstaQuote to compare our offers with other Apple resellers. Remember, if we don’t have an offer for you today, please come back tomorrow (the earlier in the day the better).

We know Macs.

Contact a Mac expert any time for help customizing your system, advice about your trade-in options, or to just to talk Mac stuff. Too shy to chat? See Mac resources for tutorials, tips and more. Check our services for data destruction, customizations and other assistance.

Greenie, not greedy.

Anyone, whether they’re shopping or not, can send us their Apple devices and we’ll recycle it free of charge. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you a free shipping label.


Buying a Macintosh computer, new phone, or super-slick iPad should be easy and enjoyable. At our store there’s no hidden costs, red tape or gobbledygook when you deal with us. It’s fast, intuitive, risk-free and easy — the way it should be.

Schedule a personal shopping one-on-one.

Make a personal shopping appointment to schedule a one-on-one with one of our experts to help you pick just the right Mac to maximize your budget.